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Gum Disease and Heart Health

There is an established connection between gum health and heart disease that many people are not aware of. Monitor your gums carefully, and come for regular cleanings and checkups. Dealing with periodontal disease early can have a significant influence on the health of your entire body.

What Are My Options for Dental Implants

Not all dentists are the same when  it comes to giving dental implants. Things you should ask or find out about: How long it will take. What the temporary implant experience will be like. If there will be surprise charges from labs, etc. Dr. McNeil strives to provide the best experience for patients needing dental […]

A Reliable Migraine Treatment

Millions of Americans have regular head pain that makes life worse. Many experience migraines so painful that normal daily tasks become difficult. Reliable treatment is difficult to find, and treatments often focus on symptoms rather than underlying causes of pain. Relying on Medications to Stop Head Pain The problem with relying on medications for headaches […]

Modern Dental Restoration

CEREC Fixing dental decay and other issues in the mouth is a common concern for almost everyone. Over the years, dentistry has evolved to provide a better experience for patients, and CEREC is at the forefront of that evolution. Digital imaging, in-office fabrication and computer guidance all make for higher quality, more efficient dentistry for […]

Cancer and Your Dental Health

In the frenzy of decisions and preparations you are now faced with, more often than not, dental health is not even given a second thought, but this should not be the case. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation often have negative side effects on your mouth and teeth. There are a few steps you […]

Dealing With Receding Gums

Ouch! Your dental hygienist just told you you have receding gums-NOW WHAT? What is gum recession? Gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gumline. This occurs as a result of periodontal disease (gum disease), the natural aging process, aggressive tooth brushing habits and teeth clenching or grinding. Why should receding gums be […]