Migraine Treatment Salt Lake City

A Reliable Migraine Treatment

Millions of Americans have regular head pain that makes life worse. Many experience migraines so painful that normal daily tasks become difficult. Reliable treatment is difficult to find, and treatments often focus on symptoms rather than underlying causes of pain.

Migraine Treatment Salt Lake CityRelying on Medications to Stop Head Pain

The problem with relying on medications for headaches and migraines is that no causation issue is actually solved. Whatever caused your headache this time will most likely strike again, and you’ll have to take more medication.

It is important to realize that pain medication has side effects that can be unpleasant and dangerous. Of course pain medication has its place in modern medicine, but most medical professionals agree that consistent reliance on pain medication over the course of years is not a healthy lifestyle.


Modern research suggests that one cause of headaches and migraines may be unbalanced forces in your mouth that affect muscles in the head. In fact, it may be that chronic migraines, tinnitus, TMJ, jaw pain and regular tension headaches are all connected.


The first part of getting to the bottom of your chronic headaches or migraines is to understand all of the many factors involved. Dr. McNeil will ask about your health history. Then, using a computer-based system, we’ll be able to analyze the forces at play in your jaw, head and neck which will help you understand the specifics of what is causing pain.

The individualized treatment involves a form of therapy where muscles and nerves are re-trained to function properly. Depending on how severe your case is, you’ll go through 1-12 different treatments, one each week.

Migraines and headaches can hurt many aspects of your life, besides just causing pain. Many people wake up with severe headaches that keep them from work. Some skip out on family activities due to headaches. The TruDenta system works to give you a long-term solution that isn’t invasive to your health.