One visit dental crowns

Modern Dental Restoration


Fixing dental decay and other issues in the mouth is a common concern for almost everyone. Over the years, dentistry has evolved to provide a better experience for patients, and CEREC is at the forefront of that evolution. Digital imaging, in-office fabrication and computer guidance all make for higher quality, more efficient dentistry for both doctor and patient.

One visit dental crownsThe Rise of Faster Dentistry

Many men and women fail to get the healthcare they should because of time constraints. This is true of dentistry as well. Consider a mother of three who needs to have a couple of crowns placed. It is a significant burden to have to find someone to watch the kids, to get transportation, etc., and these burdens become twice as heavy when procedures require multiple visits.

Others simply can’t afford to take two days off of work for a dental procedure. The idea of spending vacation days for a trip to see a doctor or dentist is hard to swallow.

For all of these reasons, we love the one-visit capabilities of CEREC.

One Visit Crowns

Using a 3D imaging camera, we’ll take a photo of the tooth/area that needs fixing. Using special software, Dr. McNeil designs the crown or whatever restoration it may be to be exactly right according to your mouth. Using diamond burs, the ceramic restoration is made, and modern adhesives make it a part of your mouth.

You don’t need impressions, and you don’t need something temporary in place while the restoration is being made. The new addition to your mouth is fabricated in the office, and placed in the office. Treatment only requires one visit.

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Why Ceramic?

Ceramic crowns are great for a number of reasons. For one, the color and transparency matches normal teeth very well. Second, ceramics are very strong. The milled ceramic used with CEREC is stronger than traditional methods of placing ceramic in the past.